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About Us

The Central Illinois Chapter is a chartered local chapter of International Facility Management Association, an organization of over 17,300 facility professionals. The chapter meets for dinner on the fourth Tuesday of each month, either for an educational program, social or tour. Since its founding in 1989, the chapter has supplemented services provided by IFMA international by offering a variety of opportunities for professional growth, including: networking, guest speakers, benchmarking sessions and news letters.

The chapter promotes and enables excellence in workplace management processes and in the integration of people, process and place to advance organizational goals.

The Central Illinois Chapter of IFMA fulfilled the requirements for organization and accepting responsibilities for management and operations in accordance with Chapter Bylaws and was granted all rights and privileges of member chapters on June 27, 1989.

What is IFMA?

IFMA is the largest and most widely recognized professional association for facility management, supporting approximately 17,300 members. The Association's members are represented in 126 chapters, 16 councils and one Special Interest Group (SIG), in 54 countries worldwide. Globally, IFMA certifies facility managers, conducts research, provides educational programs, recognizes facility management degree and certificate programs and produces World Workplace, the largest facility management-related conference and exposition.

Vision - Mission - Goals - Purpose




  1. Support a community that fosters vitality, momentum and impact for the facility management professional. (Stakeholder Perspective)
  2. Anticipate and prioritize the resources required to enhance effective delivery of products and services. (Operational Excellence Perspective)
  3.  Inspire passion for the facility management profession that compels facility practitioners to want to join the IFMA network, engages volunteer leaders and attracts/retains top-talent to the full-time staff. (People Perspective)
  4. Sustain IFMA's financial integrity to achieve and fulfill our mission. (Financial Perspective)


IFMA is a member-centered association that exists to guide and develop facility management professionals. In support of its members, IFMA promotes the Facility Management profession by providing leadership, recognition and standards of excellence.

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2018 Scholarship Award -  IFMA-CIC Board of Directors would like to Introduce Austyn Posada
Austyn was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five.  He was easily overwhelmed, particularly in social situations, and would often require head phones to keep from getting agitated from too much sensory stimulation.  He faced many challenges throughout his youth and he has received many services including: Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and several academic supports which have helped him become successful over the years. His achievements include: Participating in the Special Olympics from 5th through 8th grades; going to State in 8th grade and winning a gold medal in the Track & Field events, joining the Ottawa Township High School football team as a freshman, never having played a team sport outside of Special Olympics before.  

2018 Scholarship Award -  IFMA-CIC Board of Directors would like to Introduce Austyn Posada

He was a member of the football team throughout his four years of high school and remained a part of the team as Team Manager during his first year in the Transition Program.  He began going to Homecoming Dances and other social events as well.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand and mentor his fellow classmates. When Austyn is not working or in school, he enjoys going to movies, spending time helping his family, volunteering in his community, and taking boxing classes.

Austyn has been working as a part-time Custodian at Ottawa Township High School as part of his educational program. He has been recognized by his Supervisors as an outstanding performer and asset to the organization. Austyn is known for his dedication, quality of work and overall pleasant disposition.

Upon hearing of Austyn’s story the IFMA-CIC Board felt compelled to offer him a scholarship to attend the Cleaning Management Institute Cleaning 101 course. Austyn was successful in completing the coursework and is now “certified as having fulfilled the requirements for core competency knowledge for a Custodial Technician. He is also now eligible to participate in advanced Custodial Technician certification coursework”.

When asked what he enjoys most about his work he replied, “I get really happy when I come into work and get the job completed and when other coworkers want me to help them.”

It is with great respect for your personal efforts and resulting success in your current custodial role that the IFMA-CIC Board of Directors congratulates Austyn. We expect certain success for Austyn as a Custodian should he choose to pursue it as a career.

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